Turf & Soil Additives


Available in 1/8” Grade for Greens & 3/16” Grade for Tees, Fairway & Sports Field Use
40L bags (50/pallet) or Bulk Loads. 

  • Provides organic matter and essential micro & macro- nutrients for growth.
  • Ideal for use at seeding time as it enhances seed germination and growth.
  • Excellent when incorporating in a root zone mix for new construction.
  • Ideal for use on hydrophobic areas because of the moisture retention properties of the product.
  • Deterrent for mice and moles.
  • Highly effective for melting ice.
  • Used by over 100 golf courses from Tee to Green.

Landscape Fertilizer Mulch

Available in 40L bags. 

  • Fertilizes and beautifies.
  • Retains moisture.
  • Inhibits weed growth.
  • Protects from winter injury.

Visit http://www.naturesgold.ca for further information.


  • Profile holds 90% of its weight in water & releases it back to the plant during dry down of soil.
  • Profile incorporated into root zones will help balance air & water pore spaces
  • Profile will help prevent compaction by incorporating added air pore space into soils.

Greens Grade: http://www.profileevs.com/products/soil-amendments/profile-porous-ceramic-ppc
Field & Fairway Grade: http://www.profileevs.com/products/soil-amendments/profile-field-fairway
Turface MVP: https://www.turface.com/products/infield-conditioners/mvp