Lake & Irrigation Pond Treatment
Nualgi Lakes

Nualgi is a patented liquid formulation which is dosed into a water body once a week to once a month depending on water quality. It is effective within hours of dosing any size body of water.

Nualgi contains nano-scale micronutrients (5-100nm) required for multiplication of the ubiquitous and beneficial diatoms in any water body. Nualgi is all natural and contains Si, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, B, S, Mo, P, K and Co.

Through the growth of diatoms, this revolutionary nano-scale formula significantly increases the amount of dissolved oxygen while kick starting the natural biological cycle already occurring in waterways.

Whether you’re managing a natural or a man-made body of water, a waste water treatment plant, an irrigation pond or an aquaculture farm, adding Nualgi to your maintenance routine will help you improve and maintain water quality – for less money and a lot less effort!

With proven results from Commercial, Municipal, and Private users, people across the world are using our affordable option as a natural alternative to aeration, algaecides, herbicides, and mechanical filtration methods. Let Nualgi do all the dirty work as your new approach to water quality management.

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