Nutriculture Bloom & Flower Plant Food 12-31-14 PLUS

Bloom & Flower Plant Food 12-31-14 PLUS is used as an all-purpose feed for greenhouse crops; especially useful to promote vigorous development of roots in seedlings and cuttings, for reducing shock to transplants and for finishing off blooming crops.  This formula also induces prolific blooms with flowers of deeper color and longer life as cut flowers. Use one tablespoonful per gallon of water, or one pound to 32 gallons of water. Apply at the rate of one gallon of solution for each square yard of bed or border and for individual plants such as chrysanthemum clumps, small flowering shrubs etc. Timing should be every 10-14 days apart throughout the season.

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Nutriculture Hydro-Seed Starter Special 16-45-7 PLUS

Hydro Seed Starter Special 16-45-7 PLUS is specially designed as a starter solution for use in seed and mulch slurry hydro-seeding applications. It can also be used for establishing new turf from seed and be applied through a normal sprayer. It promotes faster seed germination and root development on seeds and transplants, without burning.  It will promote faster germination time by as much as 40% depending on species.  It is 100% soluble in water and will not cause abrasive wear and tear on equipment.  It is mildly acidic and rinses easily preventing equipment corrosion.

Desired Pounds of P per 1,000 square feet1/101/81/41/21
Fertilizer required in ounces3.64.48.917.835.6
 Square feet coverage per 25lb bag111,00090,90044,90022,40011,200

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Nutriculture General Purpose Triple Twenty 20-20-20 PLUS

General Purpose 20-20-20 provides over 60% nutrient value in a 1-1-1 ratio which makes it suitable for general use in a wide variety of growing situations.  It is widely used on containerized stock in the nursery industry and for greenhouse crops such as foliage plants and bedding plants.  For institutional and general landscape maintenance, it is ideal because it works well on turf, trees or shrubs as well as blooming plants and can be used as a single all-purpose spray feed.

Desired Pounds of NPK per 1,000 square feet1/101/81/41/21
Fertilizer required in ounces8.
 Square feet coverage per 25lb bag50,00040,00020,00010,0005,000

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Nutriculture Bent Green 26-6-16 PLUS Featuring FOLIZER Technology
  • New Folizer® Technology maximizes foliar absorption.
  • Compatible with most herbicides, fungicides, etc.
  • Stimulates chlorophyll production for fast Greenup without “flushing.”

An improved version of the popular Bent Special spoon-feeding formulation, 26-6-16+ Bent Green with Folizer® Technology is designed to meet the unique nutrient needs of Bentgrass.  It provides fast green-up without creating excessive top growth or uncontrolled flushing.  Spoon-feeding Bent Green infuses turf with readily-available nutrients producing rapid, consistent, and controlled results.

Desired Pounds of N per 1,000 square feet1/101/81/41/21
Fertilizer required in ounces6.157.6915.3930.7761.54
 Square feet coverage per 25lb bag65,00052,00025,99013,0006,500

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Nutriculture Bent Special 28-8-18 PLUS

Bent Special’s 3-1-2 ratio was specially formulated to replace the nutritive elements removed from the soil by bent grasses.  Research has shown that bent grasses remove about 5.5 pounds of nitrogen, 1.5 pounds of phosphorus and 3.5 pounds of potash from each 1,000 square feet of turf on an annual basis. Each feeding of Bent Special, applied at weekly intervals, will replace the N-P-K the grass removes, and will promote the highest quality turf all season long.

Desired Pounds of N per 1,000 square feet1/101/81/41/21
Fertilizer required in ounces5.77.1414.2928.5757.14
 Square feet coverage per 25lb bag70,00056,00027,99114,0007,000

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